Adb Connect

Eclipse plug-in to remote adb to an android device.


Eclipse is often used to develop applications for Android. To debug and test the applications a real device (phone, tablet, ...) can be used. This device is normally connected to the USB of the developing machine. If you have root access on the Android device, it is possible to debug and test application on the device over WiFi. All this can be done from the command line. This plug-in automates the process from within Eclipse.


  • Version 0.5.0 (29/04/2012): Make plugin OS-independent (konying).
  • Version 0.4.0 (03/12/2011): Get the path for adb from the adt plugin.


  • On the Android device:

    Install adbWireless, available from the Android market. This application will only work on a rooted device (code for adbWireless is available on github).

  • On the developing machine:

    From within eclipse, choose 'Help->Install New Software...' and select the site as update site.


  • On the Android device:

    Run adbWireless, there is also a widget available. Note the IP-address and port number.

  • On the developing machine:

    (Re)start Eclipse. Select the menu 'Window->Preferences' and go to 'Android/Adb Connect'. Insert the correct IP-address and Port number. For instance as IP-address '' and as port number '5555'. Choose 'OK' to close the preferences. There should be a toolbar with a button of a little Android with the body replaced by an antenna. Press the button, if the antenna goes from grey to red, connection is established.


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  • License: GPLv3
  • Programming: Pieter Pareit
  • Art design: Birgit Niemegeers

    You can mail me with any comment, suggestion or correction.