Hide Bar


Android service that hides and restores the systembar of android tablets. This enables playing, watching and reading at full screen!





Android tablets contain a system bar at the bottom that is always visible. In the systembar there are controls to move back, to move to the home screen and to show all running applications. The system bar also displays the clock, notifications and settings.

Android cannot do without this bar, as the user must always have the ability to click on the back button. There is no physical button to go back, so the status bar must always be displayed. Yet, there are times the user wants do have the extra screen estate taken by the system bar. For instance when playing a movie or a game. It is also a very nice companion for an e-reader or while reading a pdf.

Hide Bar can help with this. When running the Hide Bar service, an icon will be available in the status bar. When clicking on this, a notification will be shown. If the notification is selected, the bar will hide itself. When the statusbar is needed again, a swipe at the bottom of the screen will bring the systembar back on top. To help with the navigation inside application, there is an invisible back button, I call it the ghost back button. You can enable this from the settings.


This program should work on all rooted android tablets. Both HoneyComb and Ice Cream Sandwich are supported. The newest android version, Jelly Bean is now also supported. Some devices also need BusyBox installed.


You can find the full application at the android market. I used to have a demo version available on my own site, but due to some limitations of the hosting company I can no longer provide the demo. I'm looking into putting a demo on the android market.

If you need this application installed on many devices for the kiosk mode, let me know. I provide custom builds depending on use case.

If the systembar does not hide, then make sure you have installed SuperUser and BusyBox and both are of a recent version. BusyBox must be run after installation to work. Most rooting methods install both applications but some leave that step to you.


You can mail me with any comment, suggestion or correction.