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An FTP Server for your android device.


This program allows you to run an ftp server on your android device. This means that any program can access the files on your device while the ftp server is running. For example, entering 'ftp://...' in the firefox url bar will allow you to browse the files on your device from a desktop pc or a laptop.

By default, the user name and password are both 'ftp', you should change them. You use this username and password when accessing the server.

There is a configuration option ("keep phone awake") that fixes a problem where file transfers go slow or stop completely when the phone sleeps. If you have this problem, check this box and restart SwiFTP. Your phone will stay awake as long as the server is running.

For power and security reasons, it is recommended that the server be stopped after use.



Version 2.11.1 (2016/01/09)
    + Make widget look/work like smart icon
    * Fix FC when no wifi connection
    * Fix UI look material (thanks Steve)
    * Trim apk
Version 2.11 (2016/01/01)
    + Added a setting to automatically connect on specific wifi networks
    + Added a feedback menu
    + Added a folder picker to select root of file system
    * Updated Japanese translation (thanks naofum)
    + Added settings action to notification
    * Updated building toolset
    * Fixed time formating errors (thanks j3l11234 and gmembre)
Version 2.10.2 (2015/07/19)
    + Serbian translation by Mladen Pejaković
    * Fixed server not starting when usb tethering
Version 2.10.1 (2/12/2014)
    + Added German translation by Thomas Löwe
    * Improved some translations
    * Improved displaying of login info
Version 2.10 (15/11/2014)
    + Add REST command (implemented by MadMaverick9)
    + Add action to notification to stop server
    + Lots of translations improvements (Thanks DJ Mesias, Naofumi and Valerio)
    + Artwork improvements (promotion material by Birgit)
    + Fixes and improvements in FEAT and SITE
    * Move to sdk 5.0 (min supported sdk 4.0)
    * Bug fixes
Version 2.9 (6/8/2014)
    + Connection while tethering
    + MFMT command extension (modify modify time)
    + Japanese translation (Thanks Naofumi!)
    * Bug fixes
Version 2.8.1 (8/3/2014)
    * Bug fixes
    * NSD stability improvements
Version 2.8 (7/3/2014)
    * Default directory is now the sdcard (only works on new installs)
    + Implement DNS_SD (adds service discovery for ftp)
    + Implement MDTM (report date/time of files on server)
    * Bug fixes
Version 2.7.2 (4/1/2014)
    * Fix clash between free and paid version
Version 2.7.1 (31/12/2013):
    * Add Spanish translation (thanks djMesias!)
    * Fix FC when listing can't be sorted
Version 2.7 (26/12/2013):
    * Move to sdk 4.4 (min supported sdk 4.0)
    * Improve strings
    * Fix FC when deleting file on 4.4
    * Added a simple widget
Version 2.6 (30/10/2013):
    * Support for intents (scripting, other applications)
    * New artwork
    * Added translations
    * Improved performance when removing files and fixes for some small issues.
Version 2.5.4 (25/7/2013):
    * Bug fixes (thanks Cri!)
Version 2.5.3 (10/05/2013):
    * Added Russian translation by Sergey Kondakov.
Version 2.5 (9/12/2012):
    * Added support to transfer files using ethernet (next to wifi).
      This needs the permission ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE to check what
      kind of connection is used.
Version 2.4 (1/11/2012):
    * Fixed bugs, add link to market, remove unneeded permission: READ_PHONE_STATE.
Version 2.3 (9/10/2012):
    * Fixed bugs, shows ip address in notification.
Version 2.2 (2/10/2012):
    * Fixed bugs, hides password.
Version 2.1 (28/06/2012):
    * Initial release with new interface.
Version 1.4 and before:
    * Programming by Dave Revell.


You can buy this application from the google play market, here. Buying the application supports the further development of this appication. You can also download a free demo here.


GNU General Public License version 3.0



FTP Server (swiftp) is open source software, for which the code is available on github. See ppareit/swiftp. You can also clone the project with Git by running:
$ git clone git://github.com/ppareit/swiftp

You can mail me with any comment, suggestion or correction.